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Every Lifestyle Studio Customer is different all with unique visions, challenges and budgets. Staircases are far from a means of accessing one level within your home or property to another they are a main feature within your personal space.

At Stairs etc we work with our clients to develop and enhance the existing or new space you are wishing to create for where your designer staircase will be situated.

We work with a virtually endless supply of materials, textures and colours which can be refined and moulded to create your staircase to allow you to flow from one floor to the next in a seamless transition. Working with you at all stages so that we can provide the best solution in terms of design, materials and budget that you have available to give you a fabulous staircase unique to you. Design is all about being creative and how we are able to manipulate textures and materials into a form that allows you to open your imagination into the creative ways you can ascend to the next level.

For full details please don`t hesitate to contact us, We are here to help you every step of the way…

Oakstaircases traditional or contemporary stairs

Creating the unique in oak staircase designs, we can create your new oak staircase to follow the traditions of yesteryear where spindles and newels were the forefront of creativity to todays vision where oak is integrated with other materials to create the future of contemporary oak designer staircases. Standard or ultra clear glass, steel, stainless steel or resins will take you to another level in creativity.

Oak staircase gallery


Creating the unique in curved designer staircases, we can create your new curved staircase from any of the above materials and also create a unique blend by combining different materials to create your new staircase. Curved staircases are sleek and inspiring adding a twist of the unusual. Our curved stairs can be created in stainless steel, various species of wood and painted steel giving an infinite amount of options for you to choose from. The curve is only the beginning….

We are able to bend and form a wide variety of materials that perhaps you would normally not expect to see, they can actually be turned into some absolutely stunning shapes. Working with timber is one of those materials where we can now create stairs rotating through 360 degrees or more to take it to the extreme with an unlimited variety of colours and textures. Steel in terms of painted steel or stainless steel can also form similar shapes and curves as we do with timber if we open our horizons to see the limits are yet to be fully explored.

Curved staircase gallery

Floatingstaircase (cantilevered stairs)

Our stunning floating staircases appear to defy gravity as the treads seem to be floating on air allowing you to glide from one floor to another our gallery provides a wide variety of styles and materials that make your stair unique to you and enhance the property that the floating staircase will be created for.

Floating staircase gallery


Our modern, contemporary designed glass staircases can be created in many different styles and designs some of which are displayed here in our showroom and also here in our web site. The glass in the treads has greater structural properties than you may think, a variety of finishes are available from standard natural, ultra clear to shot blasted patterns and textures inside or on the glass.

When the sun goes down your staircase will take on a dramatic transformation with our unique lighting systems which can enhance and change the look of your staircase with stunning lighting effects around or through the glass. Examples can be seen in further detail within the illumination section of our web site.

Your glass staircase will create a new dimension in expanding your space. We can make matching tables with the designer glass patterns for you too.

Glass staircase gallery


If you have a dream design in mind for your helical (curved) staircase why not call the Lifestyle Studio on 01423 797272 to discuss how we can make your helical stair a reality.

If you are unsure of what could work, with our expertise and your time we can explore the options which could be available to give you your perfect helical staircase.

Helical staircases have evolved as our engineering capabilities expand, we can now create a helical staircase in wood, steel, glass treated steel and stainless steel. A wide range of bespoke colours and textures are available to suit your needs.

Helical staircase gallery

Zigzag staircases

Zig Zag style staircases can be created in many varying formats from wood to steel with treads in all kinds of materials. The Zig Zag shape is created when viewed from the side elevation as the above image displays.

We can use steel or wood to form the Zig Zag or we could combine the two elements to form some striking staircase designs.

Balustrades are designed to complement the setting so they could be frameless glass, to double curved spindles as we create our own designs and stairs to suit your requirements.

The possibilities are endless!

Zig zag staircase gallery

Centralspine stairs

Central spine staircases have a back bone which does not always mean the stair has a rectangular steel support, it can be created in many ways. This central support or central spine as it is commonly known is used as a main support for the stair treads between floors. These examples show how varied the central support can be, it does not have to be straight it can potentially rotate through 360 degrees depending upon the materials were using to develop your beautiful central spine stairs.

Central spine staircase gallery

Paddle& space saving staircases

Where space is at a premium our range of bespoke, modular or kit space saving paddle staircases can really improve the way you access those difficult spaces in basements, loft conversions, cinema rooms etc.

These stairs can be in a wide variety of styles and materials. The treads as the title suggests are typically in the shape of a paddle and are alternating. You will soon realise that this is a fantastic way to get between levels that are tight on space and gives you an exceptionally comfortable means of moving between floors.

Our budget range through to fully bespoke stairs will give you good value for money. These paddle staircases are from our bespoke and modular range and are available in many variations of styles, texture, materials and finishes.

Paddle and space saving staircase gallery


Our FSC European oak comes to us as raw unfinished planks from a highly specialised mill in Central Europe. The origin of this European oak has been specially chosen by our supplier for numerous reasons including perfect climate, soil mineral content and the growing and felling conditions. This results in producing the perfect tannin and patina within the oak, essential in the creation of our special hand finished bespoke designer staircases.

Our finishes are created, hand applied and are unique to us, tailor made the traditional way from natural ingredients and the addition of many modern day techniques.  These finishes are applied by our skilled craftsmen by hand, tread by tread and then left to air dry and harden naturally after each process on drying racks.

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