Stunning spiral stair showroom situated in Knaresborough, North Yorkshire between Harrogate, Leeds and York

Every Lifestyle studio client is different all with unique visions, challenges and budgets.

As with all spirals stairs the combination of materials and fabrics to create a new look or feel are endless and designers and engineers alike love to push the boundaries of whats possible to give you a unique staircase.

Creating contemporary and modern designs with a traditional twist can complement your home and the staircase we can create for you from glass, wrought iron, steel, wood and varying metals, with the spectrum of colours, textures and finishes available in beech, oak to structural glass.

Contemporaryspiral stairs

Creating contemporary, modern and designer spiral staircases takes a new turn as our designers explore new materials and technologies that we have available to introduce into our spiral staircases. We are no longer tied by older more traditional views instead we can explore exciting new horizons as we expand into carbon fibre, Starfire glass, resins along side those of oak and many other timber forms or steel and stainless steel configerations etc.

Contemporary spiral staircase gallery

Designerspiral stairs

From a sophisticated designer spiral staircase come an unlimited collection of styles, colours and textural amalgamations of style to create a stunning designer spiral staircase for your property.

Designer spiral staircase gallery

Helicalspiral stairs

Helical spirals are enhancements of creativity by taking the standard rotation of a spiral staircase and adding a twist to the centre column creates a new visual dimension to be explored as the helix effect makes the centre peel away from itself as it unravels between floors. We can also add a side banding to the outer edge of the spiral stair to exaggerate this helical effect to great effect and the two could be combined. Helical spiral staircases can be created in virtually any materials from leathers, resins and glass to those of marble and timeless oak to say the least.

Helical spiral staircase gallery

Modularspiral stairs

Modular spiral stairs are creative cost effective solutions for everyone to enjoy, their format is one of simplicity in how they are manufactured to allow greater flexibility making them much more cost effective.

Whilst everyone may desire the stunning designer creativity, budgets are where we sometimes have to find a compromise. Utilising our modular spiral staircases you may be surprised with the amazing variety of styles, shapes, colours and textures available for you to now choose from without putting too much pressure on a budget you may need to work within.

Modular staircase gallery


Our FSC European Oak comes to us as raw unfinished planks from a highly specialised mill in Central Europe, the origin of this European oak is from a particular region and has been specially chosen by our mill for numerous reasons, perfect climate, soil mineral content and the growing and felling conditions.  All these result in producing the perfect tannin and patina within the oak essential in the creation of our special hand finished bespoke real wood Staircases.

Based near Harrogate in North Yorkshire, our finishes are created; hand applied and are unique to us, tailor made the traditional way from natural ingredients where we possibly can and the addition of many modern day and traditional techniques.  These finishes are applied by our skilled craftsmen by hand, plank by plank and then left to air dry and harden naturally after each process on racks.

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Our exclusive designer contemporary spiral stairs can be created in virtually any type of wood from beech,oak or some tropicals. Finishes can be created in leather, glass, resin to look like most forms of stone and marble. Colours become an endless array as our imaginations lead us. Our stairs are crafted with the finest of materials steel, glass stainless steel timbers from around the globe can be used where appropriate finished by hand to order. We have over over 300 basic colours before we need to colour match, optional widths, grades and textures available.

To see the full range, schedule a visit to our showroom in North Yorkshire between Harrogate, Leeds and York.

We provide a nationwide service.